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  1. Nick: R41Nje Holidays / Absence: Absence Since when till when: 21/07 to not sure when Reason: Changes in life, going through a rough breakup and a lot of trips with family members and friends
  2. @ notik + @ Sadystka <3
  3. * Name: Rain * Age: 15 * Link to the steam profile / * Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:504419489 * Have you ever been punished with us? If so, a link to a ban in our SourceBans: [YES / NO] * I am a player: morning / day / evening / night (select from the above) * Link to GT: * Knowledge of SM (0-7): 5 * Were you an admin on other servers? : Yes * Have you read the server rules [YES / NO]: Yes * Have you read the Admin's obligations [YES / NO]: Yes * A few sentences about yourself: My name is Rain. I'm 15 years old currently. I was born in Finland and have lived there and in Estonia for my entire life. I have played cs for about 2 years and also have played on the Only Mirage server for almost a Year. * Why should you become an admin: I have played on the server alot, not very much recently in the past month but have seen many cheaters and would've wanted for them to be banned, but haven't seen many admins online. I also speak english pretty well, so i can help with the people that may not speak polish. * Link to the greeting :
  4. 1. How old are you? 2. What do you do for a living? 3. Do you play cs on a pc or a laptop ? Next @ MIRAGE flamenco
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